Thursday, February 11, 2016

HURT 2016...Redemption

Thanksgiving run!
Thanksgiving day brings a snowy 12 mi run with my spouse, running repeats on Grizzly Mnt. We return home and while I go for a second run to log more miles, Ken cooks dinner.
It's a friends going away party; Mary M thru hiking the triple crown  this calendar year, never done by a female!   As soon as the hugs are exchanged I leave to squeeze in another 10 miles.
Christmas Day and as we make the trek from Bend to Eugene to spend time with family, I'm dropped off 17 miles short of our get my run in.
Selfie, Merry Christmas!
It's 4:30 and I'm off for my 10 mi, 90 minute slog through the snow, followed by a 10+ hour work day with a repeat of the same 10 miles back home.  Ken has cooked me dinner, of which I eat and fall into bed exhausted (typical M-F).
If you are training for a January 100 mile race, these stories I am certain, sound familiar.  These are not complaints but rather what you do to get the miles in.
HURT 2015 was my first 100 mile DNF.  That year I was physically ready to race, but I was not mentally ready.  I took a fall early on and mentally I embraced that fall and used it as a handicap for not finishing rather than as a crutch to finish.
Time and energy was spent, sacrifices were made and...I did not finish.
After 2015's DNF, I knew before I left Hawaii that I would be back.  Added to this was being contacted by the RD, asking if a photo of me from 2015's race could be used on their Ultrasignup web page....
I was determined from the get go that HURT 2016 would be different.
My 6am send off crew! photo c/o Cory Smith!

HURT 2016 once completed would be my 13th 100 miler.   With a DNF as motivation, Ken, family and friends as crew and pacers, how could I fail.  And so I took that attitude and my physical and mental toughness on a 30 + hour trek in the jungles of Hawaii and I came away with the win.  Hell ya!!  But seriously, unless  I had a bone protruding from my body,  I knew I would be finishing this race.  It was a serious added bonus winning it!!
So you know how I finished but how did my race go...
At the pre race briefing we were handed two cards and asked to write down two motivational/ inspirational notes.  I did not write mine down because they were at the forefront of my mind.
My amazing older brother(and yes, 5 sisters)
who has lived with ALS for the past 19 years
1.) Run for those who can't 2.) Redemption run.  Not even for a moment was there a thought of not finishing.  I also committed to myself and my crew that there would be a smile on my face entering and exiting all the aid stations.
I knew about the heat/ humidity, and like last year, started the race with only a UltrAspire Isomeric Race handheld and Quantum 2.0 waist pack stuffed with my calories. I swapped to the Spry hydration pack after about 25 miles.  I stuck with GU and Honeystinger while running and had my crew supplied with coconut water, fritos, fruit cups, applesauce and turkey sandwiches at the aid stations.  This proved to be a great combination for me.  I never had a low point with my calories and for the first time found myself holding down the GU calories all the way through to the end of the race.
Picnic time mi 95 in front of the Bien Bench (which was in the sun :)),
If you can take 1 GU why not take 2!
Photo c/o Ronda Sundermeier.
 Final calorie stop mi 95 in front of the Bien bench, here my pacer Ronda told me, "1 GU was easy enough you might as well take 2", and so I did.  Did I mention the coconut water....for the last 3 years I have taken to drinking coconut water at aid stations with crew access.  I may have gone overboard at HURT.  My crew had to stop and buy more as I drank 9 cans.
More coconut water? :)
This was in additional to the 4 fresh coconuts I had from Michael Arnstein (2015 HURT winner).  He was at a junction on the course serving up fresh coconut's all night long!
Photo c/o Ronda S. Thank you for the coconut Michael!
This is a crazy technical course with slick roots, rocks, mud and so I started the race wearing the Nike Wildhorse. I also brought the HokaOne Speedgoat.  I decided to start with the firmer Nike and move to the softer Hoka later in the race.  While this did prove to be a good plan, shoe change at mi 60, a better plan would have been to race the entire race in the Hoka's.  The softer, tackier tread of the Hoka was a better shoe for the terrain.  The Wildhorse's tread is made of a hard material making it slip on the rocks and roots.
I mentioned the humidity, and for the first time EVER I did get a little backside chaffing, perhaps this is proof that I do have a backside :)
As always, the aid stations at HURT go above and beyond with a wide variety of food to entice runners and amazing volunteers who clearly love doing what they do.  I was super spoiled with my crew of 4-6 off and on.  If there is a course in which crew is not needed, this would be the one.  As was pointed out by my crew, I lost time having them at every aid station and while it was great having them there it was not necessary.
Bend goes M1 and F1! 
HURT family photo c/o Angus To; crew Carrie, Roy and B-Fine  Pacer/Crew Ken, Bill, and Ronda, you all were amazing!!
HURT is a looped course with out and backs taking the guess work out of where you stand in the race.  I enjoyed for the first time in a 100 mile event taking the lead from the start and maintaining and growing that lead through the course of the race.  I got to see fellow Bend runner
Jeff Browning move up into the lead for the men and take the win. As well as Yassine return from last years DNF with a 3rd place finish. What a great day, what a great race!
Thank you to Stan and Cheryl for the Kukui nuts donated for my cause.  Huge shout out to John, Jeff, Stan and PJ for putting on such an incredibly organized and yes, even fun event.
To my crew / pacers, you guys were awesome!
Patagonia, UltrAspire, Julbo, Picky just keeps getting better, thank you for your never ending support and love!
No better time than the present....Next up February 13th Black Canyon 100k...Chasing the Golden Ticket.
Stay tuned!

The kiss! Photo c/0 Angus To
And the finishers ring c/o Angus To

Benefit of racing in Hawaii,,,you got it, beach time! 2017 who's in??



  1. Congrats on this great accomplishment, and good luck this weekend!

  2. Thank you Jimmy!! Looks like we need to get together to celebrate!!